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The site search is very flexible. It searches a whole page at at time. So if you're looking for the Stewart family in Allegheny County, try "Allegheny" AND "Stewart".
It includes a proximity search, e.g. within 3 words and several types of wild cards. So if you're looking for John Stewart, try "John Stewart" or "John" within 1 word "Stewart".
Here are the wild cards:
"." is a wild card which matches any character.
"," is a wild card which matches any letter or number but not space.
"*" is a wild card which matches 0 or more of the character which precedes it
"[xyz]" is a wild card expression which matches x or y or z
"abc|123" is a wild card expression which match "abc" or "123".
"^" is a wild card which means "NOT" what follows, e.g. [^ab] matches everything but a and b.
Search Limitations
The search ignores CASE.
The search only lists 35 pages at a time from each book.
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On each page in the main viewing window there is a link to the NEXT and PREVIOUS pages. Right-click on either of these links. You will see a menu in which one of the choices is to open the link in a new window or in a new tab. Use one of those. Now you will see just the page image with the NEXT/PREVIOUS buttons in its own window or tab. It will also work with the page links shown in the Left Pane.
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